Talking About Health

-  Why Communication Matters

  By Roxanne Parrott


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This page is provided for the more technical users that might be curious about the technology we used to develop this web site.

Web Hosting: The web site is hosted on "". This hosting provider was chosen because it included a broad range of server capabilities.  Specifically, it had support for "WordPress" which is what we used to develop the blog.

BLOG Technology: The BLOG is built using the "WordPress" technology.  WordPress is pretty much a 1-click install at GoDaddy.

BLOG Skin: The look and feel of the WordPress BLOG can be controlled by changing skins or themes as WordPress calls them.  We used the "Jelly" theme by

Editors:  Like most web projects, we ended up using a couple of editors.  Most editing is done using SeaMonkey.  Forms are a bit easier to set up using MS FrontPage, then the web page is finished using SeaMonkey.  For a text editor (non WYSIWYG editor) we used Notepad++.

Web Usage Statistics:  For web statistics we use phpMyVisites, this is also part of the standard GoDaddy web hosting capabilities. It provides a lot more web use statistics than a simple hit counter. This is also a 1-click install at GoDaddy.

If you have technical questions email John Parrott






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